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Speakers on this Broadcast

Jonathan Wisler
CEO at EDGE Next

Nicholas White
Co-Founder, Head of Strategy & Operations at Smart Building Certification

Sophie Schuller
Partner, Lead Scientific Research and Insights, Occupier Strategy and Workplace at Cushman & Wakefield

and many more coming..

Too many of us — at the individual and company level — find ourselves paralyzed in thought by the many modern, existential crises bearing down on our collective humanity. Where each generation faced one or two great challenges in their lifetimes, it feels like we’re facing them all at once.

Maybe true, but what’s underreported is that there are many individuals and companies actively finding solutions.

This includes us at EDGE Next and the Smart Building Collective.

In our Broadcast Series you’ll learn more about:

  • Main challenges and solutions involved in making buildings not only smarter but intelligent.
  • In-depth knowledge and visionary insights into the world of Sustainable Smart Buildings
  • Latest research on a variety of health & building related topics
  • Learn about new technologies that can significantly improve building and office space behaviour
  • Understand how technologies can make offices spaces more sustainable for the planet and more livable for the workforce
  • Hear from a wide variety of experts, industry leaders and researchers


“The technology we offer for Intelligent Buildings is very easy to install and use. Energy spendings can be reduced within 30-90 days. Getting all the stakeholders aligned is the biggest challenge.”

– Jonathan Wisler, CEO at EDGE Next

Preview of our first episode: The Power of the Collective

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