The Energy Challenge in Commercial Real Estate

If Winston Churchill was right and we should never waste a good crisis, where are the areas of opportunity and how long have we been ignoring them? Get a first-hand look at how some are tackling this challenge, and some are transforming the industry. See the research article here.

Want to Become a Smart Organization?

Data driven decision making has gotten a lot of traction in the last few years. However, can we change a culture and an organization through data? See how a smart building becomes a building block to a smart organization. See the research article here.

Forum Contact Space: Serendipity in the Workplace

Can the innovation and connection power of serendipity be seized in a technical platform? Defined as a happy accident, serendipity if often overlooked but instigating happy accidents has shown to be immeasurable. See the research article here.

ROI of the World’s Smartest Building

How much is it going to cost me or how much am I going to make? The surprisingly profitable strategies of the world’s smartest buildings. See the research article here.